Minister Announces Swedish Investment in Electrification for Bengo

Angola’s Energy and Water minister João Baptista Borges Thursday in Swedish capital, Stockholm, announced the investment by the European country in the electrification projects in regions of the Angola’s northern Bengo province.

There is great commitment and availability by Swedish government and entities to launch the electrification projects in Angola, the official said after the meeting with businesspeople, entities and representatives of the Swedish government.

João Baptista Borges mentioned the implementation of these projects as the following step. There are ongoing studies and a funding that will also be guaranteed by the Swedish credit agency SAK.

In turn, the Sweden’s Ambassador to Angola, Lenart Larsson, who also reiterated his country’s strong willingness to invest in the electrification sector, said he was confident that the agreements announced would be in place.

Ratified the announcement of the Angolan minister on funding was the executive of one of the Swedish companies that will invest in Angola, Torben Sjöholm.

“Here is the entire Swedish credit export system, supporting and presenting all of our technical, commercial and financing offerings,” Torben said.

After meetings with businessmen, Swedish entities and representatives of the government of that Nordic country, Minister João Baptista Borges also took stock of the previous trip to Germany, describing it as very positive.

In Germany, the minister and his delegation maintained contacts and identified with companies working in Angola new opportunities mainly in the field of renewable energy.

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