Trade P2P Crypto Contracts During the Black Friday Promo

Black Friday is all about hunting for a bargain. PrimeBit is in many ways similar. It’s a platform where you can trade cryptocurrency contracts with other users. PrimeBit contracts offer you unlimited profit, if the market goes your way, with a capped risk if the market goes against you. There are always trading opportunities waiting for you on PrimeBit. Don’t miss out on them.


PrimeBit is a platform for bargain hunters. You may set out a pending order and wait for somebody to pick it up, or you can grab an opportunity when you see it. You can see the present market offers just visiting

PrimeBit is the only P2P cryptocurrency contracts platform that offers a maximum 200x leverage on all major cryptocurrency pairs. If you haven’t tried PrimeBit yet, you should do it today, and do some test demo trades before their Black Friday Promo.

Crazy promotions

Black Friday is yet another US tradition that has gone global. The day after Thanksgiving all businesses offer amazing discounts to celebrate the beginning of the end-of-the-year shopping season. Black Friday starts a worldwide campaign to boost retail spending.

This year the volatility on the cryptocurrency markets can be especially high on Black Friday as Bitcoin has entered a period of high swings. First, it broke the $10,000 resistance for a while at the end of October, only to fall back to almost $6,500 over the next 30 days. 


A one-day BTCUSD chart on PrimeBit showing the latest price swings. The volatility here is higher than in other markets.

Unlike CFD brokers, PrimeBit is not a side of the trades you make. It’s just a neutral platform that gives users the tool to exchange contracts. There are no spreads either. The great thing about PrimeBit is that the fees are very low and transparent. If you make a profit on your contract, you pay just a very low taker fee, that never goes up. It may just go down, just like during the Black Friday promo, when it’s cut by 40% on all trades. 

Markets will get a boost on Friday


PrimeBit is the only cryptocurrency P2P platform running on MetaTrader 5, the world’s leading trading software.


On Black Friday there are promotions everywhere. The retail stores aim at emptying their stock before the end of the year. That’s why they often open at dawn and offer radical deals on overstocked goods. Although most analysts argue the event has no predictable long-term effect on the financial markets, that is it doesn’t make them perform better in Q4, Black Friday definitely has a short-term effect and may affect the volatility of any instrument, especially cryptocurrencies.

  • On November 29, from 00:00:01 UTC to 23:59:59 UTC PimeBit cuts the taker fee by 40% on all trades.
  • Trade as much as you can for 24 hours and make the most of the discount.


If you are considering margin trading cryptocurrencies, PrimeBit should be the first tool you try. It’s a truly transparent platform. You can give it a try with a demo account, and when you open and close some profitable orders, go for a live Bitcoin account. Remember, this Friday (November 29) is the best time of the year to trade cryptocurrency contracts.

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